MRD Professionally Licensed to Practice Coastal Engineering in Georgia

MRD Associates, Inc. (MRD) is pleased to announce our expansion of services into the State of Georgia. In March, MRD Coastal Engineer Joe Morrow officially received his professional engineering license in the State of Georgia. Joe has solved complex coastal engineering problems with MRD along the Gulf Coast for the past 15 years. Joe manages oceanographic, beach restoration, living shoreline, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Letters of Map Revision projects. He performs data collection, numerical modeling, permitting, feasibility, design and coastal hazard studies, and water resources engineering. Joe is also a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain and a Federal Aviation Administration Section 107 authorized Unmanned Aerial Systems (“Drone”) Remote Pilot.

When asked what the expansion of services into Georgia means to MRD, founder Michael Dombrowski, P.E. said “For almost 20 years, MRD has been conducting work along the Gulf Coast addressing waterfront planning and engineering, coastal resiliency, and emergency response and disaster recovery. Recent reports show that the Southeast United States will be among the most affected region with projected increases in storm activity and sea level rise. Of all the states, Georgia has the highest percentage of coastal structures in the floodplain so it is a natural progression for MRD to expand into the State as we aim to grow our clientele throughout the region.” MRD is a coastal engineering firm specializing in innovative, cost-effective and resilient coastal and waterfront planning, engineering, and related disciplines. MRD's strength is our trained professional staff with experience in Coastal Engineering, Waterfront Engineering, Marina Design and Planning, Oceanographic Data Collection, Water Resources, Numerical Modeling, Emergency Response, Floodplain Mapping, and Coastal Resiliency.

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