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Gulf Dunes GeoTubes and Dune Restoration

Emergency conditions following Hurricane Dennis in July 2005 necessitated construction of coastal armoring seaward of eight lots within a subdivision in Santa Rosa Beach, Walton County, Florida. Pursuant to the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection “Emergency Authorization for Repairs, Replacement, Restoration, and Certain other Measures Made Necessary by Hurricane Dennis (OGC No. 05-1700)”, Walton County assumed responsibilities for issuing permits for activities requiring temporary or remedial activities that were necessary to secure private structures.

MRD Associates, Inc. was hired to serve as a permitting consultant for the homeowners installing the coastal armoring. MRD was responsible for ascertaining the Construction Control Line (CCCL) permit and preparing the application requesting that the structures be approved as permanent Coastal Armoring. During construction, MRD Associates, Inc. made periodic visits to the site to observe construction materials and processes, as well as provided general updates to the clients as progress was made.

The dune stabilization and dune restoration project consisted of installation of approximately 755 linear feet of a two-tiered Geotube dune core with a protective scour apron. Additionally the placement of approximately 13,600 cubic yards of beach quality sand was installed including sea oat planting and sand fence placement.