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Mexico Beach Inlet Implementation

MRD evaluated the effectiveness of the existing dredging protocol and alternative systems to optimize sand bypassing, reduce maintenance costs, and mitigate for the long-term “down-drift” erosion caused by the inlet. The City Council initially selected a mobile bypassing system consisting of a dredge-head mounted on an upland crawler crane which will allow work to occur in a range of sea conditions. A discharge pipeline with multiple values allows for the selective placement of the dredge spoil along the down-drift beach. The City has since moved to a vessel mounted dredge with a fixed piping system with multiple outlets to vary the discharge location along the beach.

Additionally MRD was tasked to develop a Feasibility Study and Beach Management Plan in order to formulate feasible alternatives and develop a preliminary design to re-allocate or increase the supply of sand along the beaches of Mexico Beach. This assessment provided reasonable means to increase the storm protection for upland structures, enhance recreation, and preserve natural resources. MRD proposed a phased approach that included Sand Bypassing Modifications, Beach and Dune Restoration, and re-locating existing dredge discharge locations to help aide critically eroding shoreline segments.