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St. Joseph Peninsula Beach Restoration Project

MRD was responsible for all aspects of the project which consisted of restoring 7.5 miles of “critically eroding” shoreline by placing 3.6 million yds3 of beach compatible sand. The feasibility study, geotechnical (sand source) investigation, local funding source, permits, final design and selection of a contractor were all completed within two years of the start of our services. We worked closely with the USFWS and FWC to develop a Marine Turtle Nesting Monitoring/Relocation Plan to allow construction through nesting season, thus reducing construction costs by $2M.

Close coordination between MRD, the County and the Contractor included daily coordination and weekly meetings to discuss schedule, issues and solutions resulting in the project to be constructed within schedule and budget. MRD and Preble Rish, Inc. (PRI) provided daily oversight services and permit compliance monitoring.

Since the completion of the project, MRD has been responsible for the post-construction monitoring services including beach and offshore surveys (PRI), project performance analysis, Marine Turtle and Shorebird monitoring. MRD recently conducted a geotechnical investigation and constructed a beach re-nourishment project on the southern end of St. Joseph Peninsula in 2019, post Hurricane Michael.