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Stumphole Revetment Improvement Project

Since the construction of the 1,550 foot revetment in 1995, the structure has “tolled” the long-term erosion and provided a minimal level of storm protection to the hurricane evacuation route. However, due to the small size of the armor stone, the revetment had experienced repeated storm damage resulting in on-going and costly maintenance efforts.

MRD conducted an extensive coastal processes analysis to detail the understanding of the waves, currents and hydrodynamic forces acting on the structure. The analysis also evaluated the extensive toe scour (16 feet) at the base of the revetment and the resulting slope and toe instabilities. The solution was to incorporate a TENSAR® Marine Mattress and place 3.5 ton Armor Stones that would remain stable during over-topped and submerged wave conditions for up to a 50-year storm (~9 foot wave).

MRD obtained permits from the Florida DEP and USACE within six months of submitting the applications by working closely with these agencies to address issues quickly and completely. The major challenge during permitting was to negotiate with the agencies to allow for construction during sea turtle nesting season.

The project was constructed over several years with multiple phases as grant funds became available. MRD and Preble-Rish, Inc. provided daily construction observation, construction administration, surveys, permit compliance, and final close-out services.

MRD recently completed the designing and permitting of an additional 500 foot section of revetment, which was then constructed in 2018.