MRD Staff demonstrates Drone/UAS Technology for Coastal Processes Monitoring under the Florida Master Naturalist Program

St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve, Port St. Joe, Florida, USA

August 9, 2018

Joe Morrow demonstrating UAS/Drone Technology for Coastal Processes Monitoring | Port St. Joe, Buffer Preserve, Florida, USAThe Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) is an adult education program developed by the University of Florida and provided by many UF/IFAS Extension Agents and participating organizations throughout the State of Florida. The Coastal Shoreline Restoration course focuses on living shoreline restoration and is intended to improve participants’ understanding of the science and application of living shorelines.

Guest speaker, Coastal Engineer Joe Morrow of MRD Associates, Inc., discussed coastal processes affecting St. Joseph Peninsula, beach re-nourishment and protective structures. He also provided a field trip to the Peninsula, in which an aerial drone survey was conducted, enabling participants of the course to view drone footage in real-time via a separate monitor, highlighting the changes to the shoreline in recent years.

Want to know more about the Florida Master Naturalist Program? Please Visit: or contact a Gulf County Extension Agent at 850-639-3200 for more details. The Star also provides a summary of the recent Coastal Shoreline Restoration course offered in Port St. Joe on August 9, 2018 at the following link: Florida Master Naturalist class makes splash on St. Joseph Bay

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Shell Point Beach gets a makeover

Shell Point, FL, USA
Published by the Tallahassee Democrat

May 1, 2018

MRD Associates Living Shoreline, Oyster Breakwaters | Shell Point, FloridaSix years after first applying for money to restore a locally popular stretch of beach along Apalachee Bay, the Shell Point Beach project is complete. The $550,000 project included renourishment of beach sand, planting of native plants to reduce erosion, oyster shell breakwaters, sand dunes and fencing. Funding for the project came from money set aside by BP following the 2011 Deep Water Horizon oil spill and administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for early restoration projects. Wakulla County was awarded the so-called Natural Resources Damage Assessment Program money in 2014.

“This is big for our county, Shell Point Beach is a hidden treasure. Not only will the improvements support tourism, it also helps protect property and habitat,” said Wakulla County Administrator David Edwards. DEP managed the grant and grant funds. MRD Associates, Inc. supervised the project design, permitting, and construction, which was performed by DPS Corp. Environmental Contractors. In addition to the NRDA funding, the county spent about $78,000 in 1-cent sales tax money to resurface the roadway in front of the beach, install traffic calming devices, improve parking areas, and build a new playground.

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MRD Conducts Underwater Forensic Analysis

Northwest Florida, USA

April, 2018

MRD Conducts Underwater Forensics Analysis of Concrete Bulkhead | Florida, Gulf Coast Region, USAField Trip Friday! Above and below-water site investigations for barge damage to our client's bulkhead and walers. Andrea is performing a forensic analysis, watching the underwater video scanning for cracks and damage to the concrete sheet pile of the marina.


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ECM/MRD JV Team is selected by USDA-NRCS

Gulf Coast Region, USA

April, 2018

USDA Logo | Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Gulf Coast Region, USAThe Joint Venture of ECM and MRD was selected as one of four teams to provide services to the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The teams will perform the full spectrum of design services to include design, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, hydrologic modeling, surveying, environmental assessments and studies, and supporting documents relative to permitting for projects to be completed under the Coastal Wetlands Planning Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) and the Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economics of the Gulf Coast States (RESTORE) Act primarily located within the Gulf Coast Region (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida).

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Katie Hutschenreuter has joined MRD Staff

Okaloosa County, Destin, FL

August, 2017

MRD Logo | MRD Associates, Inc., Okaloosa County, FloridaMRD is excited to announce that Katie Hutschenreuter has joined MRD staff in Destin, Florida. Katie received her Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering (BCE) from the University of Delaware and her Master’s in Civil Engineering (MS) with a focus on Coastal and Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station. At TAMU, Katie completed research studying tidal flows through an inlet using a combination of data from laboratory experiments and computational fluid dynamics modeling.

Katie’s research, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, has given her unique experience in gathering and analyzing laboratory and field data. She also completed coursework - wave mechanics, coastal engineering, environmental fluid mechanics, and ports and harbor design - to enhance her understanding of coastal processes.

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Panama City Continuing Professional Services

City of Panama City, Florida

June, 2017

City of Panama City Logo | Waterfront Engineering, Structural Engineering, Marinas, MRD Associates, Inc., Bay County, FloridaMRD Associates, Inc. was selected under PC 17-025 for a “Continuing Professional Services” contract, under the work categories for Environmental Support Services II and Marine Engineering. Under this contract, MRD is currently assisting the City with an ADA renovation to accommodate veterans visiting the Governor Stone, a fully restored historic 1877 vessel. A new ADA compliant ramp will connect to an existing pavilion which will lead to a fixed timber deck. From there the public will enter a gangway that will lead to a floating concrete dock which accommodates the Governor Stone.

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Congratulations to our own Andrea Ward!

Destin, Florida

May, 2017

MRD Logo | MRD Associates, Inc., Okaloosa County, FloridaCongratulations to our own Andrea Ward, who is now a Professional Engineer! Andrea is a P.E. in Alabama and Florida.

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MRD Conducts Metocean Data Collection Effort in NW Florida

Northwest, Florida

September, 2016

Metocean ADCP Tide Gauge Scuba Diving | Coastal Engineering, MRD Associates, Inc., FloridaMRD Associates was recently tasked with deploying dual gimbal mounted ADCP’s within the Northwest Florida region for the purpose of ascertaining waves and currents. The data is to be used by a confidential client in developing a numerical model of the area. MRD employed the professional services of SEARCH, Inc. to assist in diving operations and installation. Additionally, the client requested that a tide gauge be installed, which was surveyed and referenced into a local datum using our in-house RTK GPS system.

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Panama City Marina T-Dock Bulkhead Restoration Awarded

City of Panama City, Florida

Panama City Marina, May, 2016

City of Panama City Logo | Waterfront Engineering, Structural Engineering, Marinas, MRD Associates, Inc., Bay County, FloridaMRD Associates was selected under PC 16-021 PCMT for “Professional Design Services for the Panama City Marina T-Dock Bulkhead Evaluation and Rehabilitation Project”. The MRD Team consists of highly qualified professionals including G.S. Preble Engineering, Inc.; L&R Contracting, LLC; and Dewberry|Preble-Rish. This same team of professionals designed and constructed the first phase of the project that was completed in 2015. We had first-hand experience with the previous project and an in-depth understanding of required services that are necessary for the successful completion of this project. Consequently, the City Selection Committee members all ranked the MRD Team #1 for this project!

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Statewide Professional Coastal Engineering Services Awarded

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Recreation Services, Bureau of Design and Construction

February, 2016

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Logo | Coastal Engineering, MRD Associates, Inc., FloridaMRD Associates was selected under the RFSOQBDC02-15/16 for “Statewide Coastal Engineering Services”. The Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation Services, Bureau of Design and Construction requested proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide continuing professional coastal engineering services for park related projects throughout the state of Florida. MRD is the Prime Contractor and will provide coastal engineering for this contract. Team members include the consulting firms Preble Rish, Inc. (surveying and civil engineering); Wetland Sciences, Inc. (listed species and mitigation); Ecology and Environment, Inc. (environmental); and Kimley-Horn (park planning). MRD has held a contract with the Department for park related projects since 2003, and is honored and eager to continue serving the State of Florida in this capacity.

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MRD Associates Joins Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn

August, 2015

MRD Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the official MRD Associates Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn pages. Please use the following links to like or share our pages!

MRD Associates Facebook Page MRD Associates Google Plus Page MRD Associates LinkedIn Page

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Gator Lake Breakwaters Construction Commences

Florida Park Service
St. Andrews State Park, Bay County, Florida

July, 2015

Gator Lake Pre Construction Shoreline | MRD Associates, Inc. Bay County, FLA Notice to Proceed has been issued for the Gator Lake Shoreline Stabilization Project that consists of the construction of four (4) breakwaters and a terminal groin. The erosion control project will be constructed along the St. Andrews State Park shoreline, Bay County Florida. MRD Associates facilitated all aspects of engineering design, permitting, and will now be responsible for construction oversight and monitoring. The project is expected to complete in November 2015.

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Shell Point Beach Restoration Project Awarded

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Shell Point, Wakulla County, Florida

June, 2015

Conceptual Plan for Shell Point Beach Nourishment | MRD Associates, Inc. Wakulla County, FLMRD Associates, Inc. (MRD), teamed with Ecology and Environmental (E&E) and Preble Rish, Inc. (PRI), were recently awarded the Shell Point Beach Restoration Project (RFSOQBDC03-14/15) located in Wakulla County, FL. Funding was made available from the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) monies made available as a result of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The project is to consist of a revitalization of the recreational beach by removing non-sensitive vegetation and debris, adding beach compatible sand, and planting native dune vegetation to reduce the transport of wind-blown sand while providing habitat and landscaping features. MRD will provide coastal engineering services related to beach nourishment design, project management, and construction and close-out phase services. E&E will provide environmental, permitting, GIS, and project monitoring services. PRI will provide surveying, cost estimating, scheduling, and construction phase services.

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St. Joseph Peninsula Beach Project Coastal Engineering Services

Gulf County Board of Commissioners
St. Joseph Peninsula, Gulf County, Florida

February, 2015

Gulf County Florida Seal | MRD Associates, Inc. Gulf County, FLMRD Associates has been asked to provide Coastal Engineering Services for the first beach renourishment event/Environmental Restoration Project along St. Joseph Peninsula, Gulf County Florida. The services include completion of geotechnical studies, develop design documents, and ascertain all environmental and construction permits. The project is estimated to begin construction sometime in the summer of 2016.

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Michael Dombrowski Presents Preliminary Findings for the St. Joseph Peninsula Southern Beach Erosion Control Project to the SJP Coastal Community Association (CCA)

St. Joseph Peninsula, Gulf County, Florida

October 6, 2014

Peninsula Erosion November 2014 | MRD Associates, Inc. Gulf County, FLMichael Dombrowski of MRD Associates, Inc. presented the preliminary findings from the Southern Beach Erosion Control Project Feasibility Study on St. Joseph Peninsula, Gulf County, Florida. Michael met with home owners, interested citizens and members of the Gulf County Coastal Community Association (CCA) in order to discuss preferred alternatives for tolling the erosion along the southern portions of St. Joseph Peninsula. Detailed findings on the past performance of the St. Joseph Peninsula Erosion Control Project were presented. In addition, several alternatives were presented including Beach Re-Nourishment, Breakwaters, Permeable Adjustable Groins, and Submerged Reefs. Further discussion was had on which alternative to advance to the design phase and the applicable funding sources available to bring a proposed project to fruition.

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Stumphole Construction Concludes Protecting Vital Hurricane Evacuation Route.

Gulf County Board of Commissioners
Cape San Blas, Gulf County, Florida

August, 2014

Stumphole | MRD Associates, Inc. Gulf County, FLMRD Associates, Inc. successfully completed the restoration and construction of the Stumphole Revetment in Gulf County, Florida. This revetment is vital for protecting residents of St. Joseph Peninsula (Cape San Blas) as it provides protection to the only hurricane evacuation route for residents of the peninsula. The project consisted of replacing and constructing a revetment over 1,550 linear feet of shoreline as well upgrading the revetment to protect State Highway 30E from storm waves. MRD was contracted through Preble Rish Inc. who was responsible for County coordination, grant preparation, surveying and daily construction observation services. MRD was responsible for the permitting and design services of the revetment. The project was completed in stages through various grants from the Florida Department of Transportation and utilized several different contractors from all over the state. The total cost of the Stumphole Revetment project was approximately $6 Million.

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Shell Point Included in Phase III NRDA Projects.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Shell Point, Wakulla County, Florida

December 6, 2013

Shell Point | MRD Associates, Inc. Wakulla County, FLGovernor Rick Scott announced the third set of Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) restoration projects to mitigate damages from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Included in the 28 projects is the Shell Point Beach Nourishment Project which the design was developed by MRD Associates (MRD) and presented in the report entitled "Shell Point, Wakulla County, Florida, Feasibility Study and Beach Management Plan", dated August 1, 2008. The proposed nourishment project would consist of the placement of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of sand on the beach from an approved upland borrow area to widen the berm to enhance the recreational and ecological value of the dry sand beach. The approximate length of the beach is one mile with an area of about 4.5 acres. The estimated cost of the Shell Point Beach Nourishment project is $882,750.

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MRD Participates in the Development of the Perdido Key Master Plan.

Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DP&Z)
Perdido Key, Escambia County, Florida

February, 2013

Perdido Key Master Planning | MRD Associates, Inc. Perdido Key, Escambia County, FLMRD Associates, Inc. was part of the DP&Z team selected by Escambia County to prepare the Perdido Key Master Plan. MRD conducted an assessment of the existing and potential beach access sites along Perdido Key extending from the Florida/Alabama Line 6 miles east to the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Existing, proposed and expanded beach accesses were identified to "fill in gaps" in the eligible shoreline to increase public beach access and to maximize state cost sharing through the Florida Beach Erosion Control Program for future beach nourishment projects. Implementation of the recommendations would add a significant length of eligible shoreline resulting in an increase of 18.4% eligibility along the Perdido Key West shoreline. MRD also presented potential State of Florida and local funding options for the acquisition of the identified parcels for public beach accesses and support for facility improvements.

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Construction Completed at Brooks Landing Waterfront Park.

City of Fort Walton Beach
Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa County, Florida

August 30, 2012

The Brooks Landing Waterfront Park Improvement project for the City of Fort Walton Beach has now been completed. Services provided included the design and construction of a pedestrian bridge, enhancements and repair to the existing fishing pier, and the hardening of the shoreline with armor stone and ArmorFlex units. The consulting team for this project included MRD Associates, Bradford Davis Landscape Architect, and Preble-Rish, Inc. The contractors were I-C Contractors and Seaside Golf Development, Inc. Funding for this project was cost shared between a Florida Department of Environmental Protection Coastal Partnership Initiative grant and the City of Fort Walton Beach Community Redevelopment funds .

View of Brooks Landing Waterfront Park Okaloosa County | MRD Associates, Inc. Fort Walton Beach FL View of Brooks Landing Waterfront Park Fort Walton Beach | MRD Associates, Inc. Destin FL

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FEMA LOMR Successful for Client in South Walton County, FL.

Sanctuary By The Sea, LLC
Santa Rosa Beach, Walton County, Florida

July 31, 2012

Sample FEMA Flood Rate Insurance Map FIRM South Walton County Florida | MRD Associates, Inc. Santa Rosa Beach FLMRD Associates, Inc. recently completed permitting services with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the revision of the local Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for a section of shoreline within the Gulf Of Mexico in south Walton County, FL. Services provided included data collection, FEMA CHAMP modeling, mapping and delineation of the new flood boundaries, and attaining a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for our client.

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The Retreat Geotube and Dune Restoration Project Completed!

The Retreat
Blue Mountain Beach, Walton County, Florida

April 30, 2012

Construction was recently completed on the 1,750 linear foot two-layer Geo-tube dune core, 20,000+ cubic yard dune restoration, 44,500 native dune plantings, and sand fencing project. The goal of this project is to protect the 20+ foot high vertical bluff from erosion during high frequency storms and to minimize structural damage to the upland multi-million dollar homes. This was the first project in Northwest Florida to receive a DEP Beaches and Coastal Systems permit under Chapter 62B-56 "Sand Filled Geotextile Dune Cores". MRD Associates was responsible for all phases of the project which included the following:

Specialized Services

  • Feasibility Study - Historic volume and position changes, storm surge and erosion modeling, risk and vulnerability analysis, performance evaluation, and benefit to cost analysis.
  • Preliminary and Final Design Services - Overtopping, run-up, settlement and stability analysis, Construction Drawings and Technical Specifications.
  • Permit Applications and Processing
  • Bidding, Construction Phase and Close-out Services
  • Annual Monitoring Services
  • The Retreat Construction Activities | MRD Associates, Inc. Walton County FL The Retreat Construction 90% Complete | MRD Associates, Inc. Blue Mountain Beach FL

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    Community Maritime Park Breakwaters and Mitigation Site Project Completed.

    Community Maritime Park
    Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida

    February 21, 2012

    Community Maritime Park Mitigation Site Breakwaters | MRD Associates, Inc. Pensacola FLThe last of the 30,000 cubic yards of earthworks was graded, 21,500+ wetland plants installed, and 18,700 tons of Armor Stone placed to complete the mitigation project. The purpose of the project is to mitigate for unavoidable wetland impacts from the construction of the Community Maritime park and other offsite City projects. The 1,200 linear feet of segmented breakwaters was constructed with one ton Armor Stones to provide storm protection and prevent the erosion of sediment from within the created wetland mitigation site. Numerical wave, hydrodynamic, sediment transport and storm surge modeling was performed to evaluate water levels to ensure wetland plant survival, tidal flows to enhance water quality, and assist in structural design. A TenCate® Marine Mattress was selected to provide for base and toe stabilization. MRD Associates was responsible for all phases of the project from conceptual design to final certification.

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    MRD Conducts Tidal Study of East Pass for the City of Destin.

    The City of Destin, Florida
    Destin, Okaloosa County, Florida

    December 9, 2011

    MRD Associates conducted an investigation of East Pass to provide the City of Destin with spring tidal current data within the influence of the Pass. The study consisted of: 1) a vessel- mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler [ADCP] for conducting current profiles within the Pass and Destin Harbor Entrance; and, 2) bottom-mounted ADCP for verification of the vessel mounted ADCP. The collection of this data:

  • Determined the ebb and flood tidal characteristics of the Pass;
  • Verified data previously collected for the development of the Inlet Management Plan;
  • Documented existing conditions;
  • Provided quality controlled data for input into the existing numerical models; and,
  • Was applied in the analysis and design of the erosion control project along Norriego Point being prepared by the City's consultant.
  • Plan view of planned lines for the East Pass Tide Study | MRD Associates, Inc. Destin FL ADCP data collected during moving vessel survey of East Pass, Destin, FL | MRD Associates, Inc. Destin FL

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    MRD Completes Preliminary Bulkhead Assessment.

    Panama City Municipal Marina
    Panama City, Bay County, Florida

    October 3, 2011

    MRD Associates has completed the preliminary assessment of the Panama City Municipal Marina bulkhead investigation to provide the information necessary to document the condition (capacity, safety, and rate of deterioration) of the concrete wall, as well as to identify potential impacts to the bulkhead as a result of the proposed upland improvements. The entire 5,500 linear foot of the bulkhead was investigated with special focus at the south-west end of "T" dock and the corner of the bulkhead near the Annex. Recommendations for required rehabilitation and replacement of the bulkhead, and opinions of probable costs were provided. MRD is teamed with Preble-Rish, Inc. and AECOM tasked to develop a renovation plan for this 50+ year old facility.

    Panama City Marina Bulkhead Assessment | MRD Associates, Inc. Panama City FL Panama City Marina Bulkhead Forensic Analysis | MRD Associates, Inc. Panama City Beach FL

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    Panama City Airport Marina Permits Issued.

    Panama City Airport Marina
    Panama City, Bay County, Florida

    September 29, 2011

    RMA2 Hydrodynamic Model Results for Panama City Airport Marina | MRD Associates, Inc. Panama City FLMRD Associates developed a calibrated and verified regional hydrodynamic and water quality numerical model of the St. Andrews Bay system. This allows us to rapidly refine the model domain for new projects. One such project was a hydrographic and design study for the proposed marina facility at the former Panama City Airport adjacent to Goose Bayou. What was unique about this project is this was the first and only time the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Aquaculture accepted a numerical model to determine the potential impacts of a marina facility on an adjacent Shellfish Harvesting Area. Instead of the 20+/- slips that would have been allowed by applying the EPA "Box Model", MRD was able to show through a numerical model that the proposed marina basin cut out of the uplands, 117 wet slips and 240 dry-stack storage racks would have no adverse impact on shellfish, and therefore both DEP and USACE permits were issued.

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