Emergency Response Services

Weather emergencies - flooding, tropical storms, hurricanes - carry the potential for property damage that can be overwhelming for most of us to manage. Afterwards, what is left behind can be difficult to even think about, much less troubleshoot.

MRD Associates, Inc. is located in Destin, Florida. We have lived and worked in the Florida Panhandle for over 20 years. We know emergencies can be stressful because we have lived through storms and survived the aftermaths. We understand what it means to feel helpless during and after a storm but, thankfully that feeling is only temporary. We are here to help you endure these kinds of issues.

Rapid emergency response, both pre- and post-storm, is necessary to prepare and better protect infrastructure and habitat. MRD performs pre-storm assessments to determine and document baseline project conditions before a storm event. Post-storm, we can be on the ground quickly to assess post-storm damage and begin the process of rebuilding. We can help you put your pieces back together and begin to move forward.