Gulf County's FEMA Berm Project Concludes Successfully

The coast of Gulf County was damaged via storm surge and erosion incurred during Hurricane Michael in October 2018. Gulf County, Florida was designated as a County eligible to receive federal assistance. Gulf County has applied through the FEMA PA Program to receive funding to restore the eroded coastal dune system and install beach berms (dunes) in Gulf County. Gulf County is proud to announce that the FEMA Emergency Berm (Dune Enhancement) Project has now completed. All three segments that comprised the Gulf County FEMA Berm project including Indian Peninsula, Beacon Hill/St. Joe Beach, and St. Joseph Peninsula are now complete.

The most recent segment completed this past April, St. Joseph Peninsula, consisted of the construction of a dune restoration project along the gulf front beaches of St. Joseph Peninsula, Gulf County, Florida. The project spanned between DEP Monuments R-77 and R-85.5 for approximately 8,750 linear feet (1.66 miles) of shoreline. A total volume of 97,000 cubic yards (cy) of sand was placed and 288,600 native dune plants were installed. The clean, white, and beach-compatible sand was obtained from the Honeyville Sand Mine in Wewahitchka, Florida. The beaches along Gulf County are now more resilient to high frequency storms thanks to the funding made possible through FEMA ‘s Public Assistance Grants. To learn more about the projects, please see the project website at

View to south of SJP FEMA Berm View to north of SJP FEMA Berm