MRD Processes CLOMR’s, LOMR’s and LOMA’s for Developers and Residences.

MRD, a consulting firm with expertise in acquiring LOMA’s, CLOMR’s and LOMR’s, continues to assist homeowners, residential communities and commercial developers with obtaining Letter of Map Amendment’s (LOMA) and Letter of Map Revision’s (LOMR) through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The LOMA process amends the effective National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Rate maps or FIRMs and is typically used to remove structures or parcels of land that are on naturally high ground and have not been elevated by fill. The LOMR process officially revises the NFIP Rate maps and requires a more detailed analysis than the LOMA process. The LOMR process is best suited for areas larger than 5 acres, where significant earthwork and grading activities have occurred, or developments with multiple lots proposed or previously constructed. Both processes can potentially remove your property or structure(s) from the flood zone eliminating the requirement for flood insurance if certain criteria are met. MRD has experience with modeling and revising upland, riverine (Zone A, Zone AE) and coastal (Zone AE, Zone VE) flood hazard areas including Zone X and Shaded Zone X.

Engineers from MRD work with homeowners and developers to determine if we can remove their property or structure from an existing special flood hazard area (SFHA) or flood zone and place your property in a Zone X. In doing so, this relieves the Federal mandatory flood insurance requirement, ultimately saving a significant amount of money. Base flood elevations (BFE) within an area of approximate flooding or Zone A where BFE’s are unknown can also be determined. Additionally, Engineers from MRD have processed Conditional Letters of Map Revisions (CLOMR) which can be used to guide developers and builders to determine if their proposed structures or developments can be removed from an effective SFHA based upon proposed conditions. Recommendations for finished floor elevations that would be above the floodplain as part of the CLOMR process are also provided by our team. To learn more about these services, please Contact Us and one of our engineer’s will be happy to discuss your project.

FEMA LOMR Flood Zone Animation