Panama City Airport Marina Permits Issued.

MRD Associates developed a calibrated and verified regional hydrodynamic and water quality numerical model of the St. Andrews Bay system. This allows us to rapidly refine the model domain for new projects. One such project was a hydrographic and design study for the proposed marina facility at the former Panama City Airport adjacent to Goose Bayou. What was unique about this project is this was the first and only time the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Aquaculture accepted a numerical model to determine the potential impacts of a marina facility on an adjacent Shellfish Harvesting Area. Instead of the 20+/- slips that would have been allowed by applying the EPA "Box Model", MRD was able to show through a numerical model that the proposed marina basin cut out of the uplands, 117 wet slips and 240 dry-stack storage racks would have no adverse impact on shellfish, and therefore both DEP and USACE permits were issued.

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