St. Andrews State Park Beach and Dune Restoration

The Bay County TDC issued MRD a Task Order to design a 1-mile beach and dune project to mitigate for the gulf front erosion within the St. Andrews State Park that will tie into the east end of the Panama City Federal project. This shoreline has experienced long-term and storm-related erosion and flanking of the jetty resulting from the effects of multiple storm events. The permitted offshore borrow areas will be used to supply the estimated 820,000 cubic yards of sand to construct the initial project at an estimated cost of $12 million. MRD is working with Coastal Protection Engineering, LLC (CPE) and APTIM who is responsible for modifying the Joint Coastal Permit No. 0308975 and USACE permit for Bay County. The goal is to obtain the necessary authorizations in time to “piggy-back” the construction of this project with the nourishment of the Federal project in early 2021 thereby saving on mobilization costs for the upcoming and future nourishment of the Panama City Beaches. The volume of sand will be added to the recent 250,000 cubic yards of sand dredged by the USACE from the Federal channel and placed adjacent to the west jetty. MRD will conduct beach and offshore surveys (Dewberry), develop construction templates, conduct coastal modeling and performance evaluation, prepare permit sketches and construction drawings.

Erosion at St. Andrews State Park