Gulf County FEMA Berms - Indian Peninsula Segment Post Construction Drone Flyover

Hurricane Michael impacted Florida between October 7, 2018 and October 19, 2018, bringing strong winds, storm surge, and flooding. The coast of Gulf County was damaged via storm surge and erosion incurred during Hurricane Michael in October 2018. Gulf County, Florida was designated as a County eligible to receive federal assistance. FEMA awarded a public assistance grant to construct a Dune Restoration project, or FEMA Berm, along a portion of Indian Peninsula, Gulf County Florida. This project is located in Gulf County, Florida along the northern Gulf of Mexico Coast. The Indian Peninsula segment, measures 20,300 linear feet, and is located south of County Road 30A, from R-135 (29.6843, -85.3034) to R-155 (29.6774, -85.2374). To learn more about the project, please see the project website at

The project was completed in May 2022 and Staff from MRD Associates, Inc. visited the site on August 23, 2022 to document the post construction conditions using a drone. Additionally, a playlist contains several videos flown over the project limits.