MRD Conducts Tidal Study of East Pass for the City of Destin.

MRD Associates conducted an investigation of East Pass to provide the City of Destin with spring tidal current data within the influence of the Pass. The study consisted of: 1) a vessel- mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler [ADCP] for conducting current profiles within the Pass and Destin Harbor Entrance; and, 2) bottom-mounted ADCP for verification of the vessel mounted ADCP. The collection of this data:

  • Determined the ebb and flood tidal characteristics of the Pass;
  • Verified data previously collected for the development of the Inlet Management Plan;
  • Documented existing conditions;
  • Provided quality controlled data for input into the existing numerical models; and,
  • Was applied in the analysis and design of the erosion control project along Norriego Point being prepared by the City's consultant.

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