Community Maritime Park Breakwaters and Mitigation Site Project Completed.

The last of the 30,000 cubic yards of earthworks was graded, 21,500+ wetland plants installed, and 18,700 tons of Armor Stone placed to complete the mitigation project. The purpose of the project is to mitigate for unavoidable wetland impacts from the construction of the Community Maritime park and other offsite City projects. The 1,200 linear feet of segmented breakwaters was constructed with one ton Armor Stones to provide storm protection and prevent the erosion of sediment from within the created wetland mitigation site. Numerical wave, hydrodynamic, sediment transport and storm surge modeling was performed to evaluate water levels to ensure wetland plant survival, tidal flows to enhance water quality, and assist in structural design. A TenCate® Marine Mattress was selected to provide for base and toe stabilization. MRD Associates was responsible for all phases of the project from conceptual design to final certification.

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