MRD completes Oceanographic Data Collection for Floridatown Coastal Resiliency Project in Santa Rosa County, FL

MRD provided oceanographic data collection services to Santa Rosa County. The data was collected for use in developing a coastal model of alternatives to reduce erosion at Floridatown Park. The park provides public boating access to Escambia Bay in the Pensacola Bay Estuary Watershed. Past hurricane and flood events have eroded the park’s 780 linear feet of shoreline. The County contracted Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. (Jacobs) to design a more integrated shoreline protection system based on traditional methods integrated with nature-based methods and technologies. Recognizing MRD as the local leader in oceanographic data collection, Jacobs called on MRD’s expert Oceanographic Consultant, Joseph Morrow, to conduct an oceanographic exploration and report. He prepared and deployed Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) at two locations in Upper Escambia Bay to measure waves, tides, and currents over a 30-day period. Morrow retrieved and processed the data, which underwent strict quality control to ensure collection of valid, accurate, and complete information.

Morrow who has conducted oceanographic data collection for 15 years in the Florida Panhandle said that he was pleased with the effort that involved two successful days spent in the field using instrumentation that performed without any challenges or obstacles to overcome. He stated that “the project was enjoyable for the time spent in the field with co-workers.”

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