Stumphole Construction Concludes Protecting Vital Hurricane Evacuation Route.

MRD Associates, Inc. successfully completed the restoration and construction of the Stumphole Revetment in Gulf County, Florida. This revetment is vital for protecting residents of St. Joseph Peninsula (Cape San Blas) as it provides protection to the only hurricane evacuation route for residents of the peninsula. The project consisted of replacing and constructing a revetment over 1,550 linear feet of shoreline as well upgrading the revetment to protect State Highway 30E from storm waves. MRD was contracted through Preble Rish Inc. who was responsible for County coordination, grant preparation, surveying and daily construction observation services. MRD was responsible for the permitting and design services of the revetment. The project was completed in stages through various grants from the Florida Department of Transportation and utilized several different contractors from all over the state. The total cost of the Stumphole Revetment project was approximately $6 Million.

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